Master Negotiator

A masters degree in communication can be a curse or a blessing. I have some mad skills in the area negotiation. The best debates happen inside my head. It is embarrassing to admit the lengthy conversations I have with myself regarding a Dairy Queen ice cream cone lately. But since this blog specializes in embarrassing thoughts that no one will admit to the goes.

Here is a brief example:
"I want an ice cream cone. I shouldn't have one. I didn't work out this week at all. But I plan to work out a lot next week. I am not even stressed out today, why do I want this so bad? Well, I was stressed out for a long time and I might still be dealing with that. Dairy Queen has the best chocolate dipped cones. I know that they are around 400 calories. That is a lot of calories. I did have a Lean Cuisine for lunch! Yeah, I think I should get one. I don't want to tell Ben (my husband) about getting one. I told him to help keep me accountable. I just won't tell him. I don't like hiding anything from him. But it is just a stupid ice cream cone. I'll have one today but after that...."

This conversation with myself can go on for a few minutes to even a few days. For you, maybe it isn't ice cream. It might be cheeseburgers? Cake? Coffee drinks? Candy? You get the point.

Isn't it absolutely ridiculous?

Isn't it the shocking truth?

Yes, I have read books that have changed my life. Yes, I have lost 80 pounds. Yes, I still struggle.

Satan is relentless but he isn't very creative. He knows that I can convince and reason myself into any action if I really want it bad enough. God gave me skills of negotiation and reasoning but my skills are being myself. This is hard to admit...really hard. I like to think that I am in a stage of "food issue recovery" but it doesn't take much to get me back on my knees which is where I always need and want to be.

Don't let Satan occupy your mind with these ridiculous arguments and debates. Do your best to make the right choice but don't let Satan take up valuable space in your thoughts.

Peace feels better than any ice cream cone will ever taste.

"The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3