Have you seen a miracle?

Miracle. That word alone brings mystery, excitement, skepticism and so much more.  How would you define a miracle?

Dictionary.com gives this as a definition of a Miracle

1. An effect or extra ordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

2. Such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God

I could ask a hundred questions about miracles but unless you believe in them and have seen one yourself, it is very difficult to understand. I would like to talk to you about a few different kinds of miracles I've experienced and I hope you can see the many ways God can make miracles happen in your life.

The Tiny Miracle
I use the word "tiny" because God is the God of the universe. Imagine looking over the whole universe but still taking the time and attention to make a tiny miracle for one girl in Minnesota. I love that thought. Tiny miracles are little notes or messages that God sends to me when I exactly need it. A song on the radio, a text message from an unlikely friend, a beautiful sunset, a random act of kindness or a smile from a stranger.

The "Assist" Miracle
In basketball the person who passes the ball to the one who actually makes the shot to get points, gets an "assist." God uses people around us to help his miracles happen. God is so good that these miracles are double points because the person with the "assist" also gets blessed in the process. There have been more than one occasion when a person, with little to no knowledge about my life circumstance, would bring me a check in a time of great financial need. Nothing is more humbling then having someone give you money with the basic reason of"God told me to do this today." I was in complete shock when someone I hadn't seen in many years, a summer camp friend from high school, said she was praying one night and my name popped in her head. God wanted her to send me a blessing. What a thoughtful God we have!

The "I can't explain it" Miracle 
This is the type of miracle that if you tell a non-believer, they just stand there with their mouth wide open and total shock on their face. Then they start with the questions....How did they know? You didn't say anything? But what changed? Then what happened? Are you sure they didn't know?

Just when you get them reeled in...NOW is when you shine the spot light on the One who makes it all happen. As believers, we must give God the full glory when he does big things in our lives. We can't be afraid to say, "God made this happen because He can do anything." Anything is possible through those who believe in Him. Sometimes we pray for things to happen for days, months and years. This past month was just another month of the same payer but for some reason God decided now was the time and he was going to do it in a way that would only glorify Him.

When a miracle of this magnitude happens in your life, it shakes you to the core. Have you ever seen those people dancing in the isle at a church, literally dancing? Now, I get it. I totally get it. I wanted to dance for my Lord after what He had done. I couldn't contain myself and my thankfulness. My hands couldn't be raised high enough. My song couldn't be loud enough. I was ready to be a total freak for God and I hope I never stop feeling that way.

After something like this, you KNOW...not just think...you KNOW that God can do anything if it is part of His will for His people who love him.

Even months later, I find myself remembering the miracles God has done in my life and I can't help by smile and praise Him.....and keep an eye out for the next miracle He will do.


I have fallen off the wagon....and then rolled down the hill and hitched a ride to the nearest pizza place.

I need a reboot. A total start over.

Since I started my weight loss journey I have had a few minor set backs. This is completely normal and expected. Lysa TerKeurst says, "A set back is a set up for a come back." Previously, when I have fallen off my plan, I would just let it go and start again the next day. Not this time...I want you to know that I am not talking about a bad day where I had 2 pieces of pizza instead of 1. This was not a case of eating a piece of chocolate or treating myself to a fancy coffee drink. I just let it all go. Here is my public confession, as ugly as it is. I know someone out there reading it will totally understand what I am going through.

I knew last week that I was getting the "I want to stop losing weight and have a normal life again" ideas in my head. They were stronger than ever and this was a red flag. I had a minor tantrum (these are normal when you stop eating your emotions) and got myself back together by mid-week. Then we went away for the weekend to the type of place where I would little to no choice in my meals. Proceed with caution. It started so little and innocent..I'll have some popcorn, a small cookie....and so on.  I knew I was going down and I just let it happen. Cookies, chips, beef jerky, chocolate, pizza, hash browns, full fat coffee creamer, full fat salad dressing...to most of you these are just normal things but to me it was like a feeding frenzy. This was the beginning of a long 5 days.

I want to make it clear that this isn't about calories, grams of fat or pounds..this is about the mental control that food has over me. It is an addiction. I went on a food binge.

By day 4...anything and everything was game. I ate foods that I had been thinking about eating for months. It was almost like if I just ate it, I could get over it and feel better but I felt worse afterwards. My body totally revolted against what I was doing and I got really sick. This didn't deter me though...it wasn't till last night when I realized how much I had gained in only 5 days, how horrible I felt emotionally, spiritually and physically, how distant I felt from God...I told my husband that I needed an intervention. Enter today...start over and REBOOT!

I am so incredibly thankful that God's mercy is new every single morning. His strength is perfect in my weakness and I. am. so. weak.

There it is...the rotten truth. I could consider this a BIG set back...but then I realized that the past 5 days just confirm how important this journey is and how much farther I do have to go. I want to get to a place where food doesn't control me...only my Jesus can get me to that point. Even though I have lost 72 pounds...I still need Jesus every day to keep me close to Him and keep me on track. For when I am close to Him and living a healthy life..that is when I feel fulfilled, peaceful and happy.

"Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. 1 Corinthians 10:23