Jesus Delivers

The other day, I was driving to work and my mind was wondering beyond the highway and cars. My thoughts were drifting into an unhealthy song on repeat. I was getting dangerously close to drowning in the "What if?" you know what I mean? What if _________ (insert worse case scenario here). My drive to work each day can be a time of worship or a time of worry. This morning, I was especially getting out of control with my wondering thoughts.

I finally snapped out of it as I was approaching a busy highway intersection. I had come up for air just long enough to see this truck pull up next to me. A big white moving truck with two simple words in big red letters on the side...JESUS DELIVERS.

Wow. What an incredible message I received that morning. As I was swimming in my anxiety and worry...I was reminder that my Jesus ALWAYS delivers. When we are waiting for the desires of our hearts, it can feel like Jesus will never deliver what we truly want. The thing about deliveries is they never come when we want them to. They never look exactly like we imagined and the more we anticipate the arrival, the longer it seems to take.

Jesus will always deliver on his Grace.

Jesus will always deliver on his Love.

Jesus will always deliver on his Promises.

But He will deliver everything else on his timeline. God doesn't work on a deadline...he isn't rushed or pressured. The pressure to rush everything in this world is overwhelming.

Are you waiting for a delivery?

A new job? A person to love? A baby? A new dream?

These items are so incredibly hard to wait feels like God lost our address...but Jesus ALWAYS delivers. But we have a part in this delivery...

Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."

It doesn't say "Be impatient and anxious while you wait..."
It doesn't say "Doubt the ability of God while you wait..."
It doesn't say "Think of a plan B in case God doesn't come through..."

The Bible says to "Delight yourself in the Lord." defines "Delight" as a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment.

Rest in this truth that the Lord knows the desires of your heart and will give them to you. Spend this "waiting time" delighting in the Lord who always delivers. Always.